Hedgehog Friendly Campus is a national accreditation scheme funded by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society, helping universities create safer environments for hedgehogs on and around their campus.

Our University takes part in the programme to make impactful changes for hedgehogs as well as improve our campus environment for other species.

Through the programme, we are supporting this native species which is currently in severe decline and providing a suitable environment for other species like bees, birds and butterflies. Actions include communicating the issues, completing hedgehog surveys and improving green spaces for hedgehogs as well as writing blogs, and promoting the programme on social media.

Would you like to be part of this project?

We are looking for Student Hedgehog Ambassadors from London Metropolitan University to join the Working Group. You'll be helping to make decisions about how the campaign is run and getting stuck in to make Hedgehog Friendly Campus a reality at your university. We're looking for students who can commit around 2 hours per month to the campaign.

Ambassadors receive a free starter pack, logo, certificate and CV reference from Hedgehog Friendly Campus and get access to free training sessions and talks. Email info@hedgehogfriendlycampus.co.uk to apply.