Students collaborate with industry on sustainable construction project

Architecture students worked with Wikihouse, who aim to transform methods of building to produce healthy, high-performance, zero-carbon, zero-waste homes and neighbourhoods.

Date: 4 March 2022

Students from London Met's BA (Hons) Architecture programme recently collaborated with WikiHouse on a temporary pavilion project, which they built, and demounted so it can be reused again in the future.

Wikihouse is focused on creating the infrastructure to tool-up communities and small businesses to build the homes we need, and transform construction and development.

Their mission is to move away from risky, outdated, carbon-intensive, wasteful methods of building towards healthy, high-performance, zero-carbon, zero-waste homes and neighbourhoods that are wonderful places to live.

George Fereday, Associate Professor of Architecture at London Met said, "The project was a win-win situation - Our students put the Skylark system through its paces, tested buildability and learnt about design for manufacture and sssembly. WikiHouse saw it as a valuable chance to cross-check their design details at a key moment during Skylark's development.

"Huge thanks to Alastair Parvin and Clayton Prest at WikiHouse, our excellent CNC technician Mathew Dart and all of our students that took part. Special thanks too to Arnold Laver and Co Ltd for the generous sponsorship of WISA Spruce plywood that made the project possible."

Photo by Steve Blunt.


students putting together a timber building structure

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