Why study beauty marketing and journalism?

Second-year students speak for themselves...

Students of our Beauty Marketing and Journalism BA (Hons) degree course put their passion into practice throughout their three years of study. Our award-winning team of journalism lecturers help them to hone their craft and find their niches in beauty and writing. Read on to discover the motivation behind three students' work and ambition in the exciting fields of beauty marketing and journalism.

"Couldn’t be happier with my choice"

Eleonora Zorzenone has always had a passion for beauty. So when she discovered that a Beauty Marketing and Journalism BA course existed, she was overjoyed.

 "I am firmly convinced that your passion can become your career so I decided to apply for this degree. I thought it was so interesting that this course was a combination of both journalism and marketing. I couldn't find any other university that offered such a complete degree," said Zorzenone, who is originally from Rome. 

Now that she is in her second year, she "couldn’t be happier with my choice", she says. "I've had the amazing opportunity to study so many interesting modules with amazing lecturers and guest speakers. I am learning so many great things about marketing and I get the chance to write and publish beauty articles every week."

 In her second-year module, Newsroom Production, Zorzenone has been working on the London Met Journalism student website, Holloway Express, where she is one of two resident Beauty Editors. Her latest articles were about Korean mini-fridges, used to store perishable beauty products and keep them fresh, and ethical perfume. In her third year she'll have the opportunity to start up a beauty magazine and write a dissertation (or make a documentary or radio programme) about any aspect of beauty or beauty marketing that interests her.

 "I would totally recommend this course to anyone who is looking to work in the beauty industry. Whether you see yourself strategising for a big makeup brand or writing articles for your favourite beauty magazine, you should definitely consider taking this degree," she says.   

Sustainable beauty and spring style trends

Francesco Fiori, also from Italy, is equally happy. "I love the Beauty Marketing and Journalism BA course because it helps me to express myself, find my writing path, and combine my passion for beauty with journalism and marketing," he says. His recent beauty articles were about beauty packaging with zero waste and Covid-style looks for spring.

"The last two years of studying have been wonderful!"

Student Oana Orzac says that she always wanted to work in the beauty field, but ideally not in retail. In her native Romania her choices were limited. "I found this course by mistake and thought it was fantastic to be able to learn about beauty in an academic environment," she says. "The last two years of studying have been wonderful! I learned so much about beauty, but especially about beauty and marketing. These modules are beneficial for my future and somehow opened new doors for me in a field I only dreamed of."

Recently Oana had articles published about the use of honey in beauty products and fashion under Communism. "I also really like history, and one of the modules was about the history of beauty, where I learned exciting things. 

"I am delighted with what I chose. It is a unique and different course from what we have in Romania. Beauty is not something academic there. Even my parents were sceptical about this. Now, they are proud of me, that I found something that I really like, and finally, I'm happy to go to school and learn."


Study beauty marketing and journalism at London Met

Here at London Met you'll find us extremely proud of our diverse student population. Whether you're just starting out after A levels, looking for a career change or just can't shake your love for beauty and writing, this course could put you well on the way to new adventures. Find out how we can help you put your passion into practice by visiting our Beauty Marketing and Journalism BA (Hons) course page.

You can also stay up-to-date with more news from the course and see recent student work on our student show page.



Francesco Fiori smiling and holding flowers

"I love the Beauty Marketing and Journalism BA course because it helps me to express myself, find my writing path, and combine my passion for beauty with journalism and marketing."

Francesco Fiori

Eleonora Zorzenone

Oana Orzac

Francesco Fiori