Welcome to photojournalism at London Met

Our students are experts in capturing moments, whether they're faced with a scene of joy, justice, shock or defiance. Current affairs, both locally and globally, are perfect examples of how any such moments can leave us speechless.

Luckily, we're firm believers in the old adage that a picture paints a thousand words, and are therefore proud to present a series of showstopping photos by our students which are a testament to this. 

From scenes of celebration to history in the making, freeze-frames of victory to moments of intimacy, here you're invited to see the world through the lenses of our photojournalism students.

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Featured students 

  • Gianluca Barbazzi
  • Alex Cimpeanu
  • Shaelyn Stout



Black Lives Matter, by Shaelyn Stout

From the 'Parenthood' series, by Gianluca Barbazza

From the 'Parenthood' series, by Gianluca Barbazza

Self portrait by Alex Cimpeanu

From the 'Parenthood' series, by Gianluca Barbazza

by Alex Cimpeanu

by Alex Cimpeanu

by Shaelyn Stout

by Alex Cimpeanu

Black Lives Matter, by Shaelyn Stout

Black Lives Matter, by Shaelyn Stout

Photojournalism on Holloway Express

Current affairs through the eyes and words of our own students... those on our journalism courses keep the rest of us up-to-date with the latest in culture, discovery, politics, you name it! Have a read of some articles penned by students of our Photojournalism BA (Hons):

University student establishes his own artwork business during the pandemic

by Marina Gaiti

Big bag trend: Mary Poppins is making a comeback

by India Gustin

Camden in pictures - is it still the same?

by Alex Cimpeanu



In their own words...

Three of our Photojournalism BA (Hons) students across the years talk about what photography means to them:

"Before the last few decades, photojournalism was a concrete weapon against the bad guys. Studying photojournalism (at London Met) to me, means this. Being an everyday hero wannabe. Chasing the bad guys and helping people."
Gianluca Barbazzi, first-year Photojournalism BA student

You can read more about their experiences in this Why study photojournalism? blogpost.


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