Studio 3: Flesh on the Bones

Studio brief 

“It moves. It’s alive. IT’S ALIVE” – ‘Frankenstein’ the movie. 1931 

Studio approach 

In the current design market, designers need more than the traditional toolbox of knowledge and skills. In the past, designers have traded on an understanding of materials and production mixed with functionality and peppered with the ever-changing whims of style. Today, designers need to work beyond the practical and embed an understanding of the emotional impact and implications of their work. The world of objects and furniture is no longer sterile, cold and separate but it moves towards a more human, integrated and experiential field where technology is required to be intuitive, hospitals to feel homely and furniture expected to appeal to all of our senses and beyond. Objects have always had meaning applied to them through use and culture. Now we must design with meaning as a key driver in the process. 

Studio timetable 

Studio teaching will be delivered through the year on Tuesdays and Fridays, with the majority of tutorials and design teaching being delivered on Tuesdays. The year will start with short exercises, to make sure all students have a good understanding of the basic design process and that they grasp the principles of designing for emotions and experience. Students will then develop four projects in through the year, chosen from a selection of live and college briefs. It will be challenging in workload and intellectually. 

Studio brief examples 

Eastbourne beach huts 

Eastbourne Borough Council (EBC) are inviting submissions to their competition to find iconic designs for bespoke beach huts which will build on the town’s quality visitor offer and enhance its reputation as a town embracing culture and design, supplying the best in leisure, cultural and community facilities and providing a diverse and contemporary tourism offer. Competition opens September 9th 2015 invitations to enter will be issued following successful completion of a simple Suitability Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) deadline for submissions November 9th 2015 The judging panel will include ground- breaking sculptor Alex Chinneck, referred to as “a master of architectural illusion” by The Guardian.

Airport Seating design challenge – Passenger Terminal World Magazine 

Passenger Terminal World magazine, the world’s leading publication for airport terminals, is launching an exclusive terminal seating design competition that will enable current and future designers to showcase their ideas to an international audience.


Design teams work with film makers and partners who need a solution for an problem in their lives.


Course Furniture FdA
Furniture and Product Design BA (Hons)
Tutor William Warren
Kate Payne
Where Commercial Road, Studio 3, 4th Floor
When Tuesday and Friday

Michelle COGGON
Josephine GLYN
Adebayo KAREEM
Frederick KECH
Sowon LEE
Rebecca CANNON
Konstanza KOLEVA