Studio Int 05: Aberrant Architecture

Studio brief

After 29 March 2019 the UK will have to re-think its identity and question who is Britain? This impending date marks our exit of the European Union and the start of a new chapter in British history. With every culture, sub-culture and tribe comes a unique set of identities, rituals, traditions, customs, myths and folklore. These specific practices are enacted hourly, daily, monthly and yearly. With multiculturalism and the ever-increasing ease of mobility and mass communication we have never been so exposed to the rich wealth of the diversity on offer, however, with globalisation we find values of heritage, tradition and culture to be increasingly endangered by global market forces and mass production. As a result it could be argued that global communities are increasingly alike, without any idiosyncrasies of local individuality and identity. Our core interest this year lies in the unique, the bespoke, the tailor-made, the specific and our goal is to explore, discover and invent unique realities which house super-specific designs for super-specific cultures, sub-cultures and tribes.

The projects will be situated within Cecil Sharp House, the heart of English Folk Music, and home of the English Folk Dance and Song Society in Camden. Interventions will become bespoke responses to a chosen culture, sub-cultures or tribes rituals, traditions and customs.


Photo credit: Sam Brown 

Rituals and traditions quilt, Cecil Sharp House


Course Interior Architecture and Design BA (Hons)
Interior Design BA (Hons) 
Tutor Kevin Haley
Sam Brown
Where Calcutta House
Studio 5, first floor CM1-09/CM1-10
When Tuesday and Friday


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