Public-Face provides a context to develop and disseminate research through public and performative activities, with a particular focus on practices in art, architecture and design. As ideas of public engagement keep evolving, shifting between the local and the global, the physical and the remote, new creative strategies continue to be needed: the public is both a measurable idea and an abstract notion, resisting static definitions. Among the key themes for exploration in the research group are Public Eye (spectatorship and participation); Public Knowledge (epistemological aspects of public enquiry); Make Public (how public engagement informs the creative process); and the Public Property (the definition and meaning of public realm as shared space). Public-Face incorporates research in visual art, performance, architecture, digital media, music, installation, design, music and creative writing.

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Banner Image: A Book of Burning Matches: Collecting Installation Art Documents, Nico de Oliveira. (2015) Photo credit: Franziska Nicolaus. 
Main Image: In Limbo, Dr Jacek Ludwig Scarso. (2018) Photo credit: Steve Blunt.