London Met lecturer featured in Venice Design Week

Dr Jacek Ludwig Scarso delivered a speech on his recent work and collaborations in the famous City of Bridges.

Date: 25 October 2022

Dr Jacek Ludwig Scarso, Reader in Art and Performance, was invited to give a keynote speech for Luccicanza, a highlight event of Venice Design Week 2022, exploring crossovers between art and design. Jacek, who leads the Public Art and Performance MA, presented a reflection on the concept of functionality as a lens to consider new developments in contemporary public art and new links with the field of design.

Dr Scarso’s regular projects in the city of Venice include his collaboration with MUVE (Fondazione dei Musei Civici di Venezia) and in particular with Ca’ Pesaro – Galleria Internazionale di Arte Moderna, through which he also initiated a link with the MA programme. He also curates the international programming of Fondazione Marta Czok, which will soon open a new project space in the centre of Venice, near the iconic Rialto Bridge.

Jacek was recently interviewed by the Italian national magazine La Freccia on his evolving work in the city. “Nobody would doubt that Venice is a spectacular location, quintessentially poetic and magical. I like to think of it, though, also as a radical hub of new creative ideas across artistic disciplines. 

“From the different programs of the Biennale (Art, Architecture, Dance, Theatre, Music), to its renowned Film Festival, but also, very importantly, to the many creative organisations, large and small, that have chosen Venice as their base, this is a city that really provides food for thought in relation to creative thinking and its role in a contemporary global society.”

Rialto Bridge in Venice