London Met Professor takes over the Tate Modern shop for winter

Associate Professor Patrick Brill, who goes by the pseudonym Bob and Roberta Smith, has curated the Tate Edit shop space until 2023.

Date: 7 November 2022

Bob and Roberta Smith is a celebrated artist whose work brings together sign writing, activism and discarded materials. He is also known by his students and colleagues as Patrick Brill, Associate Professor on the Fine Art BA (Hons) and the Master of Fine Arts courses.

Bob and Roberta Smith, who also goes by just Bob, has been invited by the Tate group to take over the Tate Edit Shop space, by the river entrance to the Tate Modern.

The Edit Shop, first launched in 2021, is an experimental shopping space hosted by resident Tate artists. Bob and Roberta Smith is hosting the space from 25 October throughout the winter period, and has gifted artworks from his own collection to curate a space filled with his signature bright, typographic creations.

Speaking to the Tate, Bob outlined his main artistic motivations, “I believe art is an important element in democratic life.”

The shop is also an invitation into his studio and a celebration of the words, materials and colours that inspires him. Inside, visitors will find a curated selection of books and art supplies, an exclusive range of alphabet prints, T-shirts, badges, fashion accessories and more. The space is designed to inspire you with ‘Bobtimistic’ slogans and paintings, and encourage visitors to get creative with their own words and monograms, which are available to buy and take home. There is also the opportunity to order rare, limited edition artist proofs from Bob’s archive.

Bob is a frequent collaborator with the Tate, and has ten works in the Tate’s permanent collection, including All Schools Should Be Art Schools, on display in Tate Liverpool and his 2021 work, Thamesmead Codex is on exhibition at Tate Modern, featuring transcripts of conversations with the Thamesmead community, recorded over several months.

Bob’s tenure at the Tate Edit shop will last throughout the winter, until Spring 2023. The shop will also be available online.

Bob and Roberta Smith/Patrick Brill sat on a stool in front of the Tate shop

Photo credit: Tate