Learning Technology Research Group

The recently established Learning Technology Research Group aims to support and facilitate research and enterprise activities focused on the adoption, implementation and evaluation of learning technologies in education, with specific attention on applications for the further and higher education sector and the professional development sector.  

In particular, the group aims to: 

  • encourage an interdisciplinary approach to researching learning technologies
  • contribute to the development of pedagogical theory and models in student-centred learning
  • create a platform for innovation in teaching and learning practices and for original ideas to support student engagement 
  • investigate and improve the design of multimedia learning resources to be used in the delivery of the curriculum
  • elaborate and test methodologies for the evaluation of learning technology innovation
  • facilitate a mutually productive relationship between learning technology research and innovation in teaching and learning practice, eg by supporting professional development
  • investigate the theoretical basis of learning technology, ie establishing the foundations of an applied discipline of learning technology  
  • explore innovative methods for developing technology-enhanced learning experiences

The following is an outline of some of the research areas of strategic importance that are at the core of the group's activities: 

  • learning technologies in further and higher education (some examples below): 
    • the role of learning technologies in supporting progression, retention and attainment in HE 
    • students’ adoption of learning technologies and perception of the value of e-learning 
    • learning technologies adoption patterns in HE 
  • learning technologies for enterprise professional development and professional training 
  • mobile learning 
  • game-based learning and serious games 
  • educational applications of forthcoming technologies such as virtual reality and the Internet of things 
  • growing use of big data and analytics in e-learning 
  • digital transformation projects involving the adoption of learning technologies in educational or professional settings 
  • pedagogical and theoretical issues in e-learning 


three students in front of a Mac screen working on a digital media project

Senior Manager 

Elena Moschini

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