London Met research recognised in respected Polish academic journal Forum Socjologiczne

Nina Sahraoui, PhD candidate, and Dr Sylvie Contrepois, reader in European employment relations contribute to the Polish Journal Forum Socjologiczne.

Nina Sahraoui, Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher and PhD candidate, and Dr Sylvie Contrepois, reader in European employment relations, have both contributed to the latest special issue of Forum Socjologiczne edited by Adam Mrozowicki, Elżbieta Kolasińska, Joanna Róg Ilnicka.

Entitled Social boundaries and meaning of works in the twenty-first century capitalism, this issue intends to discuss, through new theoretical approaches and empirical research, the experiences of work in which the clear-cut distinctions between paid and unpaid work, formal and informal employment, and productive and reproductive labour are called into question and trigger new social processes, create new social phenomena and contribute to identify changes of those involved/affected.

Nina Sahraoui’s article presents findings based upon fieldwork conducted in the UK during the Marie Curie programme Changing Employment. It examines work experiences of migrant and minority ethnic care workers employed in for-profit care homes for elderly persons.

Sylvie Contrepois’ article presents the main results of the French fieldwork conducted during the European research PRECSTUDE funded by DG employment. It is focussed on student workers and explores their capacity to mobilise in relationship of their specific condition.

Marie Curie Fellow, Karima Aziz, in cooperation with Early Stage Researcher Radosław Polkowski, also reports in this issue about the Annual Colloquium and Network School of the Initial Training Network Changing Employment.  This years’ Annual Colloquium, entitled Comparative Methodology and Paradigms, took place in Wroclaw’s city centre and brought together doctoral researchers, their supervisors, post-doctoral researchers as well as Associate Partners of the Network. Following the Colloquium was the two-day Network School called Comparative European social models, which hosted several guest speakers.

For more details on the research presented, please contact Sylvie Contrepois at or Nina Sahraoui at

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