Past events

Explore the rich tapestry of knowledge and collaboration woven through our past events at the Centre for Health & Life Sciences Research. Our commitment to advancing health and life sciences is not only evident in our ongoing research but also in the dynamic events that have shaped our intellectual landscape.

Our events are not just about disseminating information; they are a celebration of community and connection. Networking opportunities allowed participants to forge new collaborations, share insights, and build lasting relationships.

Join us in revisiting the milestones and breakthroughs celebrated during these events. Whether it was unveiling new research findings, acknowledging outstanding contributions, or exploring emerging trends, each occasion has played a crucial role in our collective journey toward improving knowledge about health and life sciences.

Stay tuned for updates on upcoming conferences, workshops, and symposiums that promise to be as enriching as those we hosted in the past.

a presenter and three speakers sitting on chairs in front of the screen

Photo: Annual branch meeting of the Institute of Food Science and Technology

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