Understanding vaccines at Lambeth Country Show

8 – 9 June 2023

Dr Samireh Jorfi took part in the Importance of Vaccination event, organised by the British Society of Immunology, raising awareness about the vaccination in Lambeth Country Show.

Dr Jorfi's passion for immunology was palpable as she engaged the audience in an enlightening exploration of the human immune system. Her dynamic presentation not only demystified the complexities of immunology but also made the subject accessible and intriguing for attendees of all ages.

A highlight of the event was the hands-on workshops designed for children. Young minds were immersed in the fascinating world of pathogens as they crafted models and embarked on a journey to understand the microscopic adversaries our bodies face. Reflecting on the event Dr Jorfi said: "Children with their parents enjoyed the event and lots of bugs (pathogens) were created by the children."

The event served as a cornerstone for building a robust foundation of health knowledge within the community. By blending education with hands-on activities, Dr Jorfi created an environment where attendees could not only absorb information but actively participate in the learning process, fostering a sense of empowerment and responsibility for one's health.

Dr Samireh Jorfi teaching children about vaccines at the Lambeth Country Show

Image: Dr Samireh Jorfi teaching children about patogens and vaccines at the Lambeth Country Show