Who Cares? talks

Unit 6 at The Cass, titled Architecture of Rapid Change and Scarce Resource and headed up by professor Maurice Mitchell, runs Who Cares?, a student-led lecture series which is taking place for the third consecutive year. The series aims to bring together architecture students, architects, and various organisations to talk about self-initiated architectural projects in marginalised communities in both developed and developing countries.

The lecture series focuses on research methods, the process of setting up a network of contacts and building relationships, the challenges encountered during construction and reflections on how successful (or unsuccessful) projects were in benefitting communities that they were placed in. We hope that this platform will bring new opportunities for collaboration and participants will feel inspired to lead the way in transforming the communities that they live in as well as communities abroad.

This year our unit focuses on the migration crisis in both Athens and Calabria. The series has expanded its topic beyond the conversations explored within our unit, to hearing how young and driven individuals have set up their own organisation and studio spaces. We are very interested as to how people have achieved this, the funding methods which have been used to start initiatives, and the struggles that have been encountered along the way, and how these have been overcome.

The talks are free and open to the public.

Who Cares? talks poster


Date/time Mondays (unless otherwise stated), at 6.30pm
Location GSB-01, Goulston Street
Organised by Nastassia Ruescher
Manvir Hansra
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Assemble + RARA Monday 5 February, 6.30pm GSB-01, Goulston Street Book now
Tak Tak Tak + Khora Monday 12 February, 6.30pm GSB-01, Goulston Street Book now
Tumpa Yasmin + Studio Nuumi Monday 26 February, 6.30pm GSB-01, Goulston Street Book now
Orizzontale + La Seppie Lab Thursday 1 March, 6.30pm GSB-01, Goulston Street Book now
Remi Conolly + Vicky Cave  Monday 5 March, 6.30pm GSB-01, Goulston Street Book now
Design Affects + Azuko  Thursday 8 March, 6.30pm  GSB-01, Goulston Street Book now
Sam Mitchell + Here There Architecture  Thursday 15 March, 6.30pm GSB-01, Goulston Street Book now