EVENT: John Meunier and Patrick Lynch come to The Cass

Cass Research are delighted to announce the first in the Cass Research Book Events.

Cass Research are delighted to announce the first in the Cass Research Book Events, focussed on a new book co-authored by architect and former Cass scholar Dr Patrick Lynch and architect John Meunier, entitled On Intricacy. There will be a presentation from Patrick and John, followed by a discussion. The event will be hosted and chaired by Prof. Christian Frost, Cass Head of Architecture.

Date: Monday 9 March 2020

Time: 6pm - 8pm

On Intricacy continues a conversation between John and Patrick that first appeared in Issue 2 of the Journal of Civic Architecture. It celebrates the ideas that John has articulated throughout his career. It is not a book about him as such, nor simply a book by him, but a book with him, and it reflects his life’s work as an architect and teacher, in the UK and USA. It also includes essays by Meunier, Lynch and the architect Simon Henley, as well as new photography of the Meunier House in Cambridge David Grandorge, Senior Lecturer in Architecture and leader of Cass Unit 7.

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Image credit: Journal of Civic Architecture, republished with kind permission

the work of John Meunier

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Date/times Monday 9 March 2020, 6pm to 8pm
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Location The Cass School of Art, Architecture and Design
Room GSG-15, Goulston Street
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