Patterns using the cosmos

Sections of the cosmos graphic can be used as a pattern in design projects to help reinforce our brand identity. The graphic should be used as a pattern in precise 180-degree or 90-degree segments, not in its entirety, and should be used sparingly.

The cosmos pattern should never be a replacement for our logo and the entire cosmos (ie the full 360-degree circle of dots) should only appear on its own when being used as a profile picture on a London Met-affiliated social media account (please see our guidelines for branding London Met-affiliated social media accounts, a favicon for a University-owned website, an icon for a University-owned app or another similar use.

When applying the pattern as a 90-degree or 180-degree segment (as pictured), do not attempt to change the shape of the circles – they should not be stretched or adapted. When used as a pattern, the cosmos graphic should only be used in white or black at 70% or 30% opacity and please consider any text that is being overlaid – this must be readable and adhere to colour contrast requirements for accessibility.

A number of applications for patterns based on the cosmos graphic have been established throughout these guidelines and on the templates provided. Before creating a new pattern or if you are considering a new application please contact the marketing department.

Various examples of cosmos themed patterns