Helping you create an impactful social media presence

Our social media channels present the diverse voices that make London Metropolitan University unique. It is important that all areas of the University present their social media identity in a way that is consistent so that our audiences associate content with London Met.

The information here applies to London Met organisational accounts only, not the personal accounts of staff members. Some parts of the University's Social Media Policy do apply to personal accounts.

Before setting up any new social media accounts affiliated with the University, you must ensure you've read our Social Media Policy. There are certain permissions you'll need to acquire before you're allowed to set up any new accounts so please ensure you've read the policy in its entirety. Refer to section five on the responsibilities of site administrators to find out more about the permissions required. You may want to consider the information below when seeking approval as it is likely you'll need to provide justification for your new accounts. If it is agreed that there is a need and use for the account then please use the helpful guides and information below.