Branding your social media accounts

The following guidance applies to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. For information about blogs, see the section on website branding.

Our social media channels present the diverse voices of the areas of specialism that make London Metropolitan University unique. It is important that all areas of the University present their social media identity in a way that is consistent so that our audiences associate content with London Met.

The information here applies to London Met organisational accounts only, not the personal accounts of staff members. Some parts of the University's Social Media Policy and related Guidelines do apply to personal accounts.

Additionally, where an account trades off its association with the University, even if it is associated with an individual rather than an organisational unit, the brand guidelines apply. For example, a lecturer may have a Twitter account, @LondonMetRob, and this might post solely about their University work.

Examples of London Met's social media accounts
Brand guidelines content.

Account names and associated text

When naming your account ensure London Met is acknowledged in the following ways. Character limits may mean that you are unable to comply with all of the below points but you should apply as many as possible.

See also the style guide, which covers how to refer to the University and its constituent parts.

Account name

This is the name associated with your account. On many channels it is displayed next to your profile picture in feeds and often allows you to include spaces between words. This should use one of five variants of the University name and avoid acronyms where possible:

Correct in order of preferenceNot correct
Careers Team at London Metropolitan University
Careers Team at London Met Uni
Careers Team at London Met
Careers Team at Ldn Met Uni
Careers Team at Ldn Met
Careers Team @ London Metropolitan University
CT at London Metropolitan University
careers team at london metropolitan university

Account URL and/or handle

In addition to an account name, many accounts allow you to set up a URL (web address) with customised wording, and/or accounts may have an additional 'handle'. For example the account name of the main London Metropolitan University account is "London Metropolitan University", but its URL is In the case of Twitter the account name is London Met Uni but the Twitter handle is @LondonMetUni.

Guidelines for these apply as above, though spaces between words will likely need to be forfeited and it is not essential to begin any words with capital letters (you may if the social media channel allows, but avoid using all uppercase letters and opt instead for standard capitalisation).

Account biography

This is the 'blurb' associated with social media accounts. On some platforms you might have quite a few characters to play with, others (Twitter for example) may be limited. Include the following information in your account's biography:

  • The account's relationship to London Met (you should always include this, even if character limits have meant that you can’t mention London Met in your account name or handle).
  • Who the account is for: is it aimed at current students, prospective students? Or a more specific group?
  • What users can expect the account to post. This is your opportunity to say why users should follow you.
  • When the account will be monitored.

Here is an example of the above, sticking to the character limit Twitter allows:

The Careers Team at London Met Uni, posting careers advice and opportunities for current students and recent graduates. Account monitored Mon to Fri, 9am-5pm.

Where possible write in full sentences and use full words. Only shorten words if it is an accepted convention of the platform and space is limited.

Don't forget to review your biography from time to time to ensure it's still current.

Social media icon

Your profile image should be a square version of the London Met cosmos graphic in black on a white background (staff members can download the social media icon here). Main accounts (that bear the name London Metropolitan University only) use a reverse image (white cosmos on a black background).

Cover images

Cover images should use a photograph (see our photographic style). These should include little or no text and please bear in mind what they will look like on a desktop screen size and on mobile devices – and remember to take into account where the platform may have icons that overlay the cover image. You can find details of the size cover images should be online.

From time to time accounts may use this space to post tactical campaign material: information about a forthcoming event or initiative for example.

You can change your cover image as often or as infrequently as you like.