Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the answers to frequently asked questions about using our visual identity. These questions are predominantly those asked by staff, but for the sake of transparency they exist on this public facing web page. If you can’t find the answer to your question here please email with your enquiry.

London met logo

Are students allowed to use the London Met logo or sub-brand logo in their work?

Students are welcome to use the logo in their projects with the permission of a staff member (a signed form must be kept by the staff member). Students are encouraged to view and use the brand guidelines, and must adhere to the guidelines relating to the presentation of our logo. The work should not contain official University information and should include a prominent statement that the work has been created by a student as part of their course.

Can I change the colour of the logo?

The logo must only be presented in black or white and not colour. Vibrancy can be achieved by placing the logo onto a coloured background.

Can I create my own flyer or poster?

Yes. Our guidelines are intended to provide staff undertaking graphic design with the tools you need to produce your own communication materials. There are a number of templates that you are encouraged to use, including editable PDFs temporary posters for use as signage at events, for room or building opening times and for room changes that everybody has access to. These can be downloaded from the templates section of the brand guidelines. Please ensure you also read the design and production processes section.

Can I make suggestions regarding the brand and the templates?

Suggestions about the brand guidelines and our templates are welcome. Please email

Does my school or department have a colour assigned to it?

No. Schools and departments are free to use any of the colours in the new palette to allow for flexibility in design.

Does the Students' Union need to follow the University's brand guidelines?

Yes, if the Students' Union (SU) is using the University's logo it must comply with the University's brand guidelines. Where the University is the lead partner but the SU is undertaking the design, the design is subject to the same approval process in place for staff who design locally for central approval. Where the SU is the lead partner and the University logo is used, the SU is subject to the same approval process as partners using the University logo. The positioning of the London Metropolitan University logo relative to the Students' Union logo is determined by who the lead partner is.

I have stock / supplies bearing the old logo, do these need to be disposed of?

Please don’t incur cost by disposing of branded stock or supplies unnecessarily. The new identity is an evolution of our existing graphic device and the two can co-exist, to a point. It is essential that all new materials purchased or produced after the brand guidelines launch utilise the new identity. You may want to consider using up excess stock bearing the former identity at the summer and winter graduation ceremonies, or using old stock for purposes that are less publicly visible. See bringing our new brand guidelines into use for more information on this subject.

I want to get a poster designed - who can I talk to?

There are a number of ways to get a poster designed. See the process guidelines

Is purple still the main London Met colour?

A purple remains in our colour palette but it is no longer the colour to be associated with London Met and will not dominate our communications. The logo appears in black or white only.

What are our sub-brands?

Our master brand is London Metropolitan University and our sub-brands are recognised as our six schools, The Rocket and Accelerator.

What will happen if I don’t adhere to the brand guidelines?

Unfortunately, ordering printed materials without using the Print Centre, or producing material that does not adhere to the University brand guidelines, will result in an instruction to remove the material, with the department or school responsible bearing the cost of reproduction.

Where can I find photos to use on the website and for my poster?

Marketing has a gallery of images that can be used across all of our communications. Please get in touch if you need an image of a student, staff, our campuses, London or if you need to set up a photoshoot with the University photographer.

Where can I get the Helvetica Neue font?

There are a number of licences for the Helvetica Neue font which enables it to be installed on a number of computers. If you undertake design work and would like to talk about getting the font installed on your computer, please contact

Where can I get the University's logos from?

Staff can download all of our logo from the logo files and templates section of the brand guidelines. Please ensure that you download the correct file type - for guidance, please contact the marketing team.

Where can I order new business cards and stationery from?

All stationery can be ordered from London Met’s Print Centre. You can contact them via

Will external signage be changed?

Due to the close relationship of the graphic to its predecessor there is no immediate requirement for changes to external signage around the University. New signage will adhere to the brand guidelines.