Co-branding and partnership

Partnership and collaborative working is key to the success of London Met and our logo is often used by third party organisations alongside the logos of other partners, for example on publicity materials, internal signage, research papers we have contributed to, and on conference papers.

Our logo (including sub-brand versions) should only ever be used with permission. Staff members can grant permission for the use of our logo for non-commercial purposes by completing a simple process (see below).

Third parties must respect the integrity of our logo by adhering to these guidelines, and where the London Metropolitan University identity appears alongside the logos of other partners it must be of equal size.

Giving permission for the use of our logo

There are many occasions when staff are called upon to allow the use of our visual identity on material produced by a partner. For example, publicity materials, research papers we have contributed to, or conference papers.

If a formal partnership agreement is in place the partner should adhere to any specifications we place on the use of our identity.

If no such agreement exists, any staff member can permit the use of our logo for non-commercial use by completing the Permission to use the London Metropolitan University logo paperwork (link accessible to staff only), getting it signed by the partner and keeping a copy. The partner should also keep a copy. Staff completing the permission document must ensure that the limited purpose for which the logo can be used is detailed fully and that the logos that the third party is permitted to use are acknowleged at Annex A of the agreement.

If the proposed use of the logo is for commercial purposes this paperwork is not suitable. The staff member liaising with the prospective partner should contact the Marketing department and Secretary’s Office.