Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)

The department is equipped with a Bruker AV 500 nmr spectrometer.

The instrument has a 60 position automatic sample changer and a variable temperature unit.

There are two probes available, a multinuclear BBO probe with automatic tuning and matching in the range of 109Ag to 31P, and a four nucleus QNP probe which can observe 1H, 13C, 31P and 19F.

The instrument is capable of running most 1D and 2D nmr experiments and is routinely used for proton, carbon and phosphorus nmr experiments.

Submitting samples

  • Please email a completed NMR Submission form to
  • A valid purchase order must be emailed with the sample submission form.
  • All samples must be clearly labelled with you sample reference number.
  • Please submit at least 10mg of sample. 

If you require a quote please email back the completed NMR Quote Request Form.

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