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Welcome to our Charities and Social Enterprise Clinic

Empowering social wealth 

A very warm welcome from London Met’s new ‘clinic’ for charities, social enterprises and the public sector which offers consultancy and business services to London-based voluntary organisations. 

Our clinic builds on a long-standing connection between the University and London’s third sector – as well as significant current research and consultancy expertise. We also have a dynamic portfolio of courses associated with community development and social enterprise and the clinic provides a focus for bringing your organisation into contact with our students.

Alway keen to gain experience and make an impact, our hard-working, connected and informed students, supervised by one of London Met’s academic tutors, can work though the clinic to help you develop your organisation.  

We are offering both free and paid-for services to charities and social enterprises in a number of different areas: 

  • strategic planning
  • community engagement and development
  • trustee board development and membership
  • financial management
  • fundraising
  • policy and procedure development
  • marketing and communications
  • research collaboration
  • monitoring and evaluation
  • volunteering
  • food safety
  • art/architecture projects


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Where is the Charities and Social Enterprise Clinic?

London Metropolitan University
166-220 Holloway Road
N7 8DB

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Introduction to our Charities and Social Enterprise Clinic

Meet Chris Lane, who heads up London Met's Charities and Social Enterprise Clinic, and find out how the University might be able to support your charity or your social enterprise.

How we can support you

Our Charities and Social Enterprise Clinic students and academic tutors will work with you on a short-term project designed to develop your organisation, and better meet the needs of your stakeholders.  

If you would like to arrange an initial appointment to discuss how we might work to support your organisation, please make a booking via our booking page or email   

We will then discuss your needs, allocate our student(s) and an academic tutor to your project, and agree on a timescale, working practices and project outcomes.  

While we are happy to discuss any requirements, we offer our free business services primarily in the following areas:

1. Strategic planning and management

  • Vision and mission development
  • Financial management
  • Business planning
  • Strategic planning

2. Operational support

  • Policy and procedure development
  • Trustee board development and membership
  • Financial management
  • Fundraising
  • Technology solutions development
  • Customer relationship management systems
  • Volunteering

3. Research, monitoring and evaluation

  • Stakeholder, and community engagement and development
  • Research collaboration
  • Monitoring and evaluation

4. Marketing and communications

  • Data analytics for business and research
  • Web design and desktop publishing
  • Video animation 
  • Social media and digital media brand development
  • Events and public relations

5. Food safety

  • Food safety, preservation, and shelf-life
  • Fermented food and beverages
  • Functional foods and ingredients (probiotics and prebiotics)
  • New food product development (NPD)
  • Food start-up small business
  • Microbiological analysis
  • Technical troubleshooting

6. Art/architecture projects

  • Architecture
  • Design
  • Public art 
  • Housing 
  • Climate change

London Met's Charities and Social Enterprise Clinic allows you and your organisation free access to the expertise of our students and academic tutors, and it allows our dedicated and entrepreneurial students exposure to working with real-life charities and social enterprises, on real-life projects, gaining valuable real-life experience, which will benefit them in their future professional careers.

So, please contact the London Met Charities and Social Enterprise Clinic by making a booking or by emailing

Tell us a little about you and the services you require, and we look forward to working with you to further develop your organisation.