Andy Merritt, Paul Smyth and Simon Petty

Studio 3: Something & Son

Peoples Brick Company, NOW Gallery

Studio brief

Design by Occupation

Something & Son’s Studio Design By Occupation will inspire you to make your own dreams and ideas happen by learning how to occupy space and self-initiate projects. By the end of the studio, we want you to think of yourself as much as an entrepreneur or activist as a designer – someone who can have an idea, occupy an interior and bring it to life as something powerful and beautiful.

Designer-entrepreneurs and activists

Designers usually do the things clients ask them to, whereas designer-entrepreneurs and designer-activists are their own clients who make their own ideas and dreams happen. They work for themselves or a greater purpose rather than being the client's servant.

In our studio you'll develop projects big and small, where you'll design a space from the viewpoint of occupation and follow the design process through from generating a world-changing idea to finding a real space, opening the doors to the public and then keeping that space alive for many years to come.

Live projects

The Design By Occupation studio will also challenge the notion that work at university remains on paper by providing opportunities to support live Something & Son projects. We will take work out of the studio into the real world where it will rub up against socio-political issues and practical challenges such as teamwork, business planning, entrepreneurship and permissions. This approach has been core to Something & Son’s work and has led us to the unusual position of being artists and designers who are also health spa license holders, own an indoor farm and run a 22,000 square foot maker space. By not stopping after a project is built, but also activating and occupying that space, we find, as will you, that the design intent really shows through and a new visual language emerges.


Course Interior Architecture and Design BA (Hons)
Interior Design BA (Hons)
Interior Design and Decoration BA (Hons)
Tutor Andrew Merritt
Paul Smyth
Simon Petty
Where Calcutta House, Studio 3, first floor
When Tuesday and Friday


Level 6 Year 3

Anya Brakha
Rachelle Anne Castillo
Megan Chandler
Emma Guard
Mari Joemagi
Janan Hassan
Ayishat Kareen
Parnian Khazaei
Shonali Murarka
Gerlinde Velarde
Edan Ward

Level 5 Year 2

Ellie Boggans
Aisha Braimoh
Charly Clark
India Clements
Silvia Corcuera
Ratcha Daengbunma
Lina Danilevicuite
Geovick Diassona
Hana Jibril
Patricia Lindo
Stephanie Payne
Danushan Selvarajah
Mattia Treccani

Interiors Studios

Studio 2: London Lost and Found

Kaye Newman, Laura Encinas and Beata Szwast

Studio 2: London Lost and Found identifies a cross-section of themes and current issues surrounding identity and the make-up of a local high street.

Studio 3: Something & Son

Andy Merritt, Paul Smyth and Simon Petty

Studio 3: Something & Son will inspire you to make your design dreams come to life by learning to occupy spaces and initiate projects.

Studio 5: Aberrant Architecture

Kevin Haley and Sam Brown

Studio 5: Aberrant Architecture focuses on exploring life in Old Kent Road, and asks whether its future regeneration benefit the many, or the few.

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