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Conjuring nostalgia, excitement, fear and wonder, we now invite you to be bowled over by the projects our students have been working on. You'll find yourselves transported from open fields to textured forests, through a snow storm and even into space. We'll even sneak you behind the scenes to get a look at character design and the detail that goes into bringing a monster to life. And watch out – they'll even test your perception of reality. 

Students on these courses take their digital design and image making skills to a whole new level. Demanding but oh-so-rewarding, our modules see them develop their computer graphics skills and become well-versed in modelling, rigging, animation, lights/cameras, visual effects (VFX) and rendering.

game boss concept

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Featured students

First year

Games animation, modelling and effects BSc (Hons):

  • Ben Wayland
  • Katie Flynn
  • Amelia Ward

Games programming BSc (Hons):

  • Aiste Simonaityte
  • Csaba Maczo
  • Ruben Andrade

Second year

Games animation, modelling and effects BSc (Hons):

  • Alfie Beddow
  • Kamil Lukaszewski

Third year

Computing BSc (Hons)

  • Germaine Williams

Games animation, modelling and effects BSc (Hons):

  • Tom Carr
  • Cosmo Light
  • Edward Rosen 

Our courses

Whilst we offer multiple routes depending on individual interest, these courses also share modules and offer learners the chance to branch into various specialisms so they may better complete their studies.

Our Games Animation, Modelling and Effects (GAME) BSc (Hons) degree course is one for the artists. An innovative course, this hones in on the versatile creative skills demanded by the games industry. Successful completion of the course sees graduates become concept, technical, texture and VFX artists, character and model builders, animators and graphic designers.

Meanwhile, our Games Programming BSc (Hons) offers everything from  C++ programming, mathematics and physics for game development, to console hardware architecture and game design. These students are trained in physical computing, virtual reality and artificial intelligence along with relevant programming and scripting languages. 

We also offer a Games Animation, Modelling and Effects including foundation year course for applicants who aren't quite ready to join the undergraduate programme. This is the perfect opportunity for learners to get up to scratch with their digital design skills and to explore creative practice.