Studio 1: Another India

Studio brief

I recently received a marketing email from IKEA, inviting me to take a look at the company’s new SVÄRTAN range. I was struck by the incongruity of the use of the Swedish word for "river" to name a collection inspired by and co-designed in India. As a matter of fact however, the adoption of design ideas, appropriated, adapted and sometimes even stolen from elsewhere has long played a role, certainly in British interior design and decoration.

In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the choice of the Orient as a means of styling the interior was a fashionable practice for the well-to-do. More recently, the post-modern and twenty-first century deployment of "exotic" motifs can be seen in British shopping centres, for example. Acquiring themes associated with the glamour or mystery of foreign lands has a long history as a tool in the interior designer’s repertoire.

This studio will examine, reflect upon and critique this history, also reviewing theories around global-flow, translocation and post-colonialism.

Indicative bibliography

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Outline of the first seven weeks of study

Week 1:  Introduction: aims, outcomes and overview
Week 2:  Visit to the Royal Pavillion, Brighton
Week 3:  Review of photos and drawings of the Royal Pavillion, presentations and class discussion
Week 4:  Visit to Leighton House, Kensington
Week 5:  The ‘Exotic’ in interior design, talk and class discussion
Week 6:  How to construct a dissertation using ideas developed during this studio series
Week 7:  Brief presentation and dissertation proposals, class discussion

Black and white photograph of furniture with the blue and yellow IKEA logo on top of it.


Tutor Harriet McKay

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