Migration History Seminar Series 2023/24

Migration is one of the great facts of human society. Its contribution to the making of the modern world cannot be overstated. While historical writing in settler societies such as the USA and Canada has emerged over a long time period, European nations with rich migration histories, such as the UK, France and Germany, have more latterly recognised the centrality of population movements. We should also consider the history of migration from the perspective of the Global South. There is great scholarly interest in the field and that will grow now as legacies of imperialism become much more directly entangled with the lives of immigrants in the countries they have settled.

All of the seminars will be taking place online on Microsoft Teams – please book your ticket by visiting our Migration History Seminar Series eventbrite page. Registered attendees will receive a link to join each session ahead of time.


Migration History Seminar Programme

Date Time Speaker Seminar title

18 October 2023

5pm Nemata Blyden

African Immigrants in America

22 November 2023 5.30pm Kalyani Ramnath Boats in a Storm: Law, Migration and Decolonization in South and Southeast Asia 1942 and 1962
17 January 2023 5pm Selena Daly

Emigrant Empire: The Italian Diaspora in the First World War and Beyond

21 February 2024


Joseph Cronin 

Ex-Soviet Jews in Germany: Migration as a means of restitution? 

17 April 2024


Kennetta Hammond Perry

The Prayers of David Oluwale: Writing History Along the Bias Grain

Family travelling between Dallas and Austin, Texas. On their way to the Arkansas cotton fields. 1936

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The seminars will be taking place online on Microsoft Teams.

To book your ticket, please visit our Migration History Seminar Series Eventbrite page.

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