Interdisciplinary Research Forum

The forum builds upon a wide range of research activities at the University. It aims to explore common areas of interest which cut across narrow disciplinary, professional and geographical interests, thus laying the foundations for productive dialogue, exchange and cooperation. The forum will invite academic participants from across the University and PhD students. External participants and speakers will also be invited.


The Interdisciplinary Research Forum (IRF) aims to provide a focal point within the University for research concerning key contemporary societal trends and issues, based on LMU researcher areas of expertise (plus externals). The IRF will be strongly inter-disciplinary in its conception and will actively encourage participation from all areas of the humanities, social and natural sciences. Furthermore, it will place emphasis on the involvement of practitioner and policymaker audiences – through direct participation and knowledge exchange.

Key aims:

  • To foster research co-operation between scholars working in London Met and other UK universities, facilitating the development of joint research projects, external bids for funding and publications;
  • To enable academics and postgraduates to engage in the exchange of ideas and form close networks, supported by regular workshop participation;
  • To promote active debate about real-life issues;
  • To explore the funding landscape;
  • To promote a networking environment and facilitate creation of new working groups;
  • To support early career researchers; 
  • To enhance the impact of LMU research.

Convened by Svetlana Stephenson and Gary McLean, events will be workshop-based and run on a bimonthly schedule, with a wide range of interdiciplinary topics up for discussion, such as Vaccines, the antivaxx movement and public policy and public shaming.


Launch event: Thursday 20 February 2020 - Public Shaming
Read about this event in the Interdisciplinary Research Forum Newsletter 1

IRF event 2 - Varieties of Nationalism and Diaspora on Thursday 21 May 2020, 5 - 7 pm. This event will take place online. Register via eventbrite

This event will be followed by:

- Adolescent Mental Health - date TBC
- Regenerating under-populated areas through participatory architecture, raising social capital and creating a "home" for refugees - on Thursday 18 June 

Further details for both these events will be announced soon. 

Follow the Research and Postgraduate Office on eventbrite for notifications of future IRF events.



Groups of people chatting

For further information about the IRF, please contact: 

Svetlana Stephenson
Gary McLean