Lab of membrane and cancer cell signalling

Previously Professor Chris Palmer worked on the molecular biology of the HIV-1 transmembrane protein at Reading University, Professor Palmer's research moved on to carry out research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on mechanosensitive ion channels in yeast and humans and on the role of Sigma-1 receptors in Potassium channel modulation in neurones. More recently Professor Palmer worked at Imperial College investigating the role of ion channels and transporters in Cancer.

Professor Palmer's present work involves the involvement of ion channels, receptors and transporters in cancer, particularly breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer and ovarian cancer. The labs expertise is in cancer biology, tissue culture, molecular biology and ion channel analysis. The group have research facilities for molecular biology, tissue culture, ion channel analysis and cancer cell assays of metastasis.

Current projects:

  • Developing blockers to Calcium channels involved in neuropathic pain
  • Analysis of traditional Chinese herbs towards the understanding of bio therapeutics of cancer
  • Sigma-1 receptor role in modulating Sodium ion channels ion in Breast Cancer
  • Role of citrate transporters in metastasis of Prostate Cancer
  • Developing micro vesicle based therapies for the knockdown of Sodium channels in Breast and Colon Cancer
  • At present there are opportunities for self-funded PhD students either part-time or full-time.
  • Please contact Professor Chris Palmer by email for more details: