In its seven years since inception, CMIRC has generated seven PhD graduates (one as a co-supervision), supervised the MSc research projects of 17 students and supervised an average of seven BSc projects per annum. CMIRC has also welcomed, and continues to welcome visitors for work/lab experience, to learn techniques or to collaborate on projects, for periods of up to one year.

Dr Ahmad Haidery MD, PhD

PhD title: The role of microvesicles in Epithelial Mesenchymal Transition in prostate cancer
Current Address: Cellular and Molecular Immunology Research Centre,  London Metropolitan University, UK

Dr Sharad Kholia PhD

PhD title: The biogenesis of prostate cancer microvesicles and their dysfunctional role on dendritic cell biology
Current Address:  Marie Curie Fellow, Fresenius Medical Care, University of Turin, Italy

Dr Dan Stratton PhD

PhD title: Biochemical and physiological analysis of microvesicle subtypes
Current Address:  Lecturer,  Cellular and Molecular Immunology Research Centre, London Metropolitan University

Dr Samireh Jorfi PhD, MSB

PhD title: The Role of Microvesicles in Cancer and Viral Infection
Current Address: Postdoctoral Research Fellow/HPL, London Metropolitan University

Dr XiaoBei Pan (co-supervision) PhD

PhD title: Anti-leukaemia and anti-bacterial activity of Evodia rutaecarpa
Current Address: Research Fellow, Queen’s University, Belfast

Dr Ephraim Ansa-Addo PhD

PhD title: Plasma membrane-derived vesicles: Composition and function
Current Address: Research Fellow, Holling’s Cancer Research Center, South Carolina

Dr Samuel Antwi-Baffour MSc PhD

PhD title: Plasma Membrane-derived Vesicles: their role in the terminal differentiation of monocytes and in inhibiting the phagocytosis of apoptotic cells.
Current Address: Lecturer, University of Ghana, Legon

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