Our knowledge exchange

Much of what constitutes Knowledge Exchange is already in action at London Met, with many areas touching on more than one type. Examples of KE that we are traditionally involved in, include:

  1. Entrepreneurship and enterprise education
  2. Working with partners in producing various outputs, from research and reports, to products and systems
  3. Knowledge networks with partners, alumni, professional bodies, etc.
  4. Capitalising on the institution’s physical (eg the Science Centre) and intellectual assets through incubators, clinics, partnership working and public fora.
  5. Commercialisation of research and technology transfer
  6. Skills and human capital development, both as a university and with other university partners, for students and external businesses
  7. Supporting the community and public engagement, making partnerships in education and enterprise.

Our Accelerator is a hub for both 1 and 2 in that staff there provide training for our students and students of other institutions, nationally and internationally, to develop their capacity for entrepreneurship. Our London Met Lab: Empowering London and our community clinics touch on most of the others, especially 4 and 5. We offer short courses and CPD to develop 4 and 5. In terms of commercialisation (3), we offer elemental analysis in the Science Centre as a small business and hire out the Superlab for external science training and short term commercial partnerships and location shots for film and TV.

Other examples of knowledge exchange with businesses we have engaged with have been through Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) projects. This is a government funded initiative that promotes research and development collaboration between academia and businesses. School of Computing and Digital Media has an excellent track record of winning KTP projects over the past several years. Such projects enable research students to apply the latest technological advances to realise innovative solutions for real-world applications that improve the competitiveness and productivity of businesses. KTPs provide opportunities for impact case studies and third-stream income generation through consultancy work.

Lecturer at the event with students

Read our full Research and Knowledge Exchange Strategy 2020/21 - 2024/25 (PDF).

If you have questions about our Research and Knowledge Exchange Strategy, please get in touch with our Research and Postgraduate Office.