Neil Bennett

London Society Saturday Schools: The 1980s, waking up to post-modernism, a talk by Neil Bennett.

Architecture and Urbanism MA and Cass Cities present

The Eighties were exciting, but divisive times for architecture and culture.

Modernism was the accepted architectural language, with words like consistency and rational to the fore. Postmodern architecture burst into this scene, with a fleeting period when meaning, wit and fun were at the forefront. Unlike today, when perhaps we are all post-modernists, there was no discourse between these diverse schools of thought.

Drawing from the contrast of a classic modernist education to the hands-on delivery of some of London’s post-modern classics, Neil Bennett (Farrells) will look across the vivid spectrum of the 80s, in the UK and further afield, from the rigorous consistency of the British Library through the playful flamboyance of the TV-am television studios to James Stirling’s One Poultry City office building.

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Date/time Saturday 16 June 2018, 11.30am-12.30pm
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Location London Metropolitan University
The Cass, GSB-01, Goulston Street
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