Making a Living 2018

Tuesday 27 November

The Cass Making a Living event involves a huge series of career lectures curated by staff, and is open to art, architecture and design students from all over The Cass, from any year or course.

3D Positive Patterns
(All levels)
Grace Winteringham, Patternity 1–2pm CAG-03/04, Calcutta Small Annexe
Architecture The New Architect Apprenticeship
(Architecture BA – All levels)
Ahmad Querishi, Apprenticeships Operations Manager, London Met 11am GSB-01, Goulston Street
  Portfolio and CV Workshop
(Architecture and Interiors all levels)
Jestico & While Architects 12pm GSB-01, Goulston Street
  Introduction to Careers and Employability at London Met
(Architecture and Interiors all levels)
  12.30pm GSB-01, Goulston Street
  Studying Part 2 Architecture 
(Architecture levels 5 and 6)
Q&A with Cass Architecture fifth Year Students  2pm GSG-19A/19B,
Goulston Street
Literature and 
Creating Childhood
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Chair: Dr Louise Tucker
Kate Manning
Tory Sandars
Aimée Felone
Marianne Levy
Kevin Haley

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6–8pm CCG-02, The Wash Houses
Fine Art/ 
CV Writing
(Levels 4 and 5)
Patricia Nnadi, Careers 10.15am GSG-18A/18B, Goulston Street
  Using Social Media to extend network
(Levels 4 and 5)
Natasha Triay, Accelerator 10.15am CAG-06, Calcutta Small Annexe
  CV Writing
(Levels 4 and 5)
Patricia Nnadi, Careers 11.30am CSG-18A/18B, Goulston Street
  Using Social Media to extend network
(Levels 4 and 5)
Natasha Triay, Accelerator 11.30am CAG-06, Calcutta Small Annexe
  Broadening Opportunities
(Open to all courses)
Pete Fillingham 2pm GSB-01, Goulston Street
  Applying for Artist Residencies and Art Council Funding
(Open to all courses)
Paola Leonardi 3pm GSB-01, Goulston Street
Interiors CV Discussion
(Level 4)
Fiona Tracey, Careers 2pm CM3-15, Calcutta House
Visual Communication Interactive Talk
(All levels)
Ciara Phelan, Ground Matter Founder
The Multi-Tasking Creative
10-11am CAG-03/04, Calcutta Small Annexe
  Express Yourself: Designing to Music
(Level 4)
Joe Cruz 11.15am-1.15pm CM2-11/12, Calcutta House
  Pitching 101
(Level 5)
Sarah Boris 11.15am-1.15pm CM2-09, Calcutta House
  Professional Portfolios
(Level 6)
Arianna Tilche 11.15am-1.15pm CAG-03/04, Calcutta Small Annexe
  Keynote, Pentagram Partner
(All levels)
Astrid Stavro 2.14-3.15pm CAG-03/04, Calcutta Small Annexe

Image credit:
Top (L to R) – Dr Louise Tucker, Kate Manning, Tory Sandars

Bottom (R to L) – Aimée Felone, Marianne Levy, Storytelling Igloo by Aberrant Architecture

Creating Childhood

Pick of the Day

Talk Creating Childhood
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Time 6pm to 8pm
Location The Wash Houses