Making a Living 2018

Thursday 29 November

The Cass Making a Living event involves a huge series of career lectures curated by staff, and is open to art, architecture and design students from all over The Cass, from any year or course.

Interiors and 3D Archivio Leonardi: From Architecture to Life
(Levels 5 and 7)
Archivio Leonardi – A cultural association founded with the aim of preserving, protecting and disseminating the work of the Modenese architect, designer and artist Cesare Leonardi 10am–1pm CCG-02, The Wash Houses
3D  Working World
(Levels 5 and 6)
Majeda Clark, Award winning alumna Textile Design BA 1-2pm CM4-22, Calcutta House
Architecture Architect +
(All levels)
Panel Discussion with James Binning of Assemble with Vicky Thornton, Architect and Ceramicist, Simon Murray, Architect and Expert Witness and Carla Smyth, Architect and Client 2pm GSG-18A, Goulston Street
Fine Art and 
Identity and Communities of Practice
(Open to all courses)
James Cant 10am CAG-03/04, Calcutta Small Annexe
  How to get your first exhibition
(Open to all courses)
Patrick Brill aka Bob and Roberta Smith 11.30am CAG-03/04, Calcutta Small Annexe
  Representing Artists
(Open to all courses)
Olivia Gideon Thomeson, We Folk 2pm CAG-03/04, Calcutta Small Annexe
  Making Money
(Open to all courses)
Rosalind Davis, artist and author of What They Didn't Teach You in Art School 3pm CCG-02, The Wash Houses
Foundation Workshop with Archivio Leonardi: The Architecture of Trees
(Level 3)
Archivio Leonardi  2pm CM3-13, Calcutta House
Visual Communication Accelerator workshop, Self-Promotion for Self-Starters
(Level 5)
Natasha Triay, Accelerator 10am-1pm CM2-N17, Calcutta House
  Accelerator workshop, Self-Promotion for Self-Starters
(Level 6)
Natasha Triay, Accelerator


CM2-N17, Calcutta House
Cass Volunteering Fair with free pizza Book now 12-2pm Atrium Space, Goulston Street

Image credit: Archivio Architetto Cesare Leonardi, Casa studio 2017, © Joseph Nemeth

Casa studio 2017, © Joseph Nemeth

Pick of the Day

Talk Archivio Architetto Cesare Leonardi
Time/Location 10am–1pm in CCG-02, The Wash Houses
Time/Location 2pm in CM3-13, Calcutta House