Making a Living 2018

Monday 26 November

The Cass Making a Living event involves a huge series of career lectures curated by staff, and is open to art, architecture and design students from all over The Cass, from any year or course.

Fine Art/
Precarity and Employment in the Arts
(Levels 5 and 6)
Galia Kollectiv 10am CAG-03/04, Calcutta Small Annexe
  Multidisciplinary approaches to practice
(Levels 5 and 6)
Ania Dabrowska 11.30am CAG-03/04, Calcutta Small Annexe
  Promoting Photographers
(Levels 5 and 6)
Karen Harvey, Shutter Hub 11.30am GSB-01, Goulston Street
  Thriving and Surviving
(Open to all courses)
Rosalind Davis 3pm CCG-02, The Wash Houses
Cass Arts and Humanities Research Council Writing a Research Funding Bid for
Staff and Research Students
3pm-5pm CAG-03/04, Calcutta Small Annexe

Image: Rosalind Davis, author of 'What they didn't teach you in art school'

Rosalind Davis

Pick of the Day

Talk Thriving and Surviving
Time 3pm
Location CCG-02, The Wash Houses