Unit 4

Construction detail

Tutored by Jonas Lundberg and Nate Kolbe

More about the proposed design plan

The notion of the primitive hut has been explored over centuries in an attempt to explain the unrecorded development from the very earliest structures inhabited by man to the Ancient Greek temples. In essence, the very origin of architecture.

Unit 4 argue that it is the mastery of the capabilities of a material technology that makes this shift possible, and explains the reason behind the shift from the primitive structures to the classical. That mastery of materials is an essential element of architecture. We aim to showcase the mastery of a new material technology as our representation of the primitive hut concept.

Material was the starting point for our design. In order to relate to the primitive hut concept we wanted to utilize a material used to keep things warm, dry and safe - the same aims as the earliest structures. Foam is used extensively as an insulative material; in packaging to keep items safe in transit and to carry water in the form of cups. A product of man to fulfil man’s basic needs.

Project images

Manufacture and construction

Manufacture and construction

Digital modelling

Montage of proposal in Lincoln's Inn Fields

Site plan

Elevation and section



Experiential view

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