Nastaran N Richards-Carpenter

Nastaran has been an academic for more than a decade. Playing her part in ensuring students are engaged, inspired and have a great learning experience is what inspires her.

Currently, she is a senior lecturer and the course leader on our Fashion Marketing and Business Management BA and Fashion Marketing and Management MA.

Nastaran N Richards-Carpenter

More about Nastaran Richards-Carpenter

Prior to joining London Met, Nastaran worked as an associate professor in marketing and fashion management and was the Programme Director on the Luxury Brand Management MA at Richmond, the American University in London. She also taught as an associate lecturer in business and management at Birkbeck College, Regent College London and Hult Business School.

A Senior Fellow of Higher Education Academy (HEA), Nastaran obtained a degree certificate in UK Professional Standards Framework for teaching and learning support in higher education. She also holds an External Examiner HEA certificate and is an external examiner in a few local and international higher education institutions.

Nastaran is active in the fashion marketing and luxury branding sector and has spoken at various international conferences on issues surrounding the industry. She's a board member and editor in EUSER (European Centre for Science, Education and Research), European Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies.

Nastaran is devoted to narrowing the gap between the fashion industry and fashion marketing with business management. She's passionate about establishing industry partnerships, inviting guest speakers and hosting round table discussions with people from the sector. Networking and innovative teaching methods are key methods she uses to boost students' confidence and give them a better chance of career prospects within the fashion industry.

Her main research interests are in multi-sensory marketing, fashion and luxury branding, influencer marketing, sustainable business and ethical marketing, neuro-marketing, plus contemporary issues relating to luxury marketing and business strategy in industrial clusters.

Book chapters

  1. Norouzi Richards-Carpenter, N. and Tafoya, K.E (2020). 'Unexpected Players in Branding and Advertising', in PANTEA Foroudi, P and Palazzo, M (ed.) Contemporary Issues in Sustainable Branding: Ethical, Social, and Environmental Perspectives, Routledge: UK.
  2. Grantz, T. and Norouzi Richards-Carpenter, N (2020) 'How the digital environment and its user experience effects the customer’s perception of luxury brands and co-creation of Brand Value', in Foroudi, P (ed.) Building Corporate Identity, Image and Reputation in the Digital Era, Routledge: UK.
  3. Norouzi, Nastaran 2016: 'The Study of Survival and Resilience of the Mature East-Midlands Textile and Clothing Industrial Cluster in the United Kingdom', ISSN 1314-7242, Journal of International Scientific Publications, Economy & Business, Volume 10, 2016. Pages: 177-190, Published: 28 Aug 2016. Available to access

Conference papers

  1. Norouzi, Nastaran(2017), 'I wear Prada because I want to', ICSS XIII/European Canter for Science Education and Research, Volume 2. ISBN9788890916120. PDF available online
  2. Norouzi and Ziabary (2019) 'Evaluating the Perception of Luxury Fashion Brands in Iran's Marketplace and the Impact of the Religion on Consumer Buying Behaviour', TARIJ. ISBN: 978-969-670-836-0 


  1. 'Using Technology in the Classroom – a mini case study' for the Association for Learning Technology (ALT). Published July 2015.

Expert commentary

  1. Interviewed for 'Passing the test of time' article in Business Life, June 2020.  
  1. Presenter at the Economy and Business Conference in September 2016, Bulgaria.
  2. Presenter at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics in September 2016, Budapest.
  3. Presenter at Academics World 554th International Conference on Science, Social Science and Economics IC3SE, Beirut in Lebanon, March 2019.
  4. Presenter on 'Exploring Consumers’ Luxury Value Perceptions: Study of Evolution of Luxury Perception, A Shift Towards Intellectual Luxury' at the third International Conference on Recent Advances in Business, Economics, Social Sciences and Humanities RBESH, Tokyo in Japan, October 2019.
  5. Presenter at Wellbeing Research Centre (WRC) event in Successful Entrepreneurship with 'Bored of masstige? Are we running out of ideas for luxury products?', June 2019.
  6. Guest speaker on 'Differences between US and UK Fashion', hosted by Richmond, The American International University in London, UK.
  7. Guest speaker at VI International's seminars at Universidad San Pablo, Madrid in Spain, April 2018. 

Nastaran N Richards-Carpenter
Senior lecturer in fashion marketing and business
Course leader for Fashion Marketing and Business Management BA and Fashion Marketing and Management MA