London Met lecturers help teaching staff in North Macedonia

Guildhall School of Business and Law lecturers visited the Euro College to exchange expertise

Date: 14 October 2019

In September 2019, a team of lecturers at London Met travelled to visit Euro College in the Republic of North Macedonia to deliver staff development sessions for the lecturers.

The team, comprising of Dr Wendy Bloisi, Dr Vince Hargy, Dr Ron Cambridge, Dr Chahid Fourali, Dr Alex Chyrsikos and Gemma Holleran, led courses based around their expertise, with topics including Business Information Technology, Business Management and Business Administration.

In addition to the staff development session, Wendy and Vince also met the North Macedonian Prime Minister, the Minister of Education and the Minister of Environment and Planning, where they discussed a future cybersecurity project between the North Macedonian government and London Met.

Wendy then took part in a television interview with the Minister of Education, which was aired on the national evening news in Macedonia.

“This is an exciting new adventure for London Met and will enable us to develop our courses in the Balkans, which in turn could encourage students to come and study with us in the UK,” commented Wendy.

“This trip has already raised the profile of the University, and our expertise in Cyber Security could lead to an exciting project with the government of the Republic of North Macedonia".

A group photo From L to R back: Chahid, Gemma, Ron. L to R front: Alex, Vince, Wendy