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Dr Wendy Bloisi

Dr Wendy Bloisi is the Head of Academic Partnerships at London Metropolitan University

Wendy Bloisi

Dr Wendy Bloisi

Wendy is currently the Head of Academic Partnerships at London Metropolitan University and is responsible for developing new partners and maintaining existing partnerships. She has managed projects operating internationally in Germany, Thailand, Italy, Spain, Greece, Netherlands, China, Nepal, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Ghana, Russia, Vietnam, Iran and Singapore.



Wendy has two research interests. Transnational Education which she researches as part of her professional practice. Wendy also researches into bullying and negative behaviour at work and is part of the International Association of Workplace Bullying and Harassment

Wendy has contributed to the teaching and development of numerous courses both at postgraduate and undergraduate level and has developed modules and courses in organisational behaviour, management, human resource management, entrepreneurship and research methods. She has led successful reviews and validations for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses for the School of Business and Law both in the UK and internationally. Wendy also chaired numerous validation panels for the Academic Quality Development Department of the University and has been an external reviewer for the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA).

Wendy has written two text books which support her academic teaching, both of which have an international reputation: “Management and Organisational Behaviour” and “An Introduction to Human Resource Management”, published by McGraw-Hill.

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Reviewer: International Journal of Hospitality Management
Dr Wendy Bloisi
Head of Academic Partnerships