Journalism courses win Drapers bid - we're going to Paris!

Award from the Drapers' Company will enable students to attend Paris Fashion Week

Date: 19 December 2019

The Fashion Marketing and Journalism BA and the Beauty Marketing and Journalism BA courses are the recipients of a £5,000 grant from the Textile Working Group at the Drapers' Company to visit the French capital during Paris Fashion Week in February.
First and second-year students will be spending four days and three nights in Paris, thanks to Drapers, the London Met Journalism Diversity Network, and their own hard work. The Network, which is now in its third year, works to provide work placements, guest speakers and other opportunities to our students, helping them get a foot in the door.
As part of the visit, the lucky group of students will meet with industry contacts to visit showrooms and events linked to Paris Fashion Week to show them inside the industry and provide genuine networking opportunities, enhancing their employability and building their confidence as fashion journalists and marketers.
They will also visit museums, including the Musée des Arts Décoratifs and the Musée Yves Saint Laurent, explore the main shopping districts and take part in merchandising exercises. Sampling French cuisine and wine will no doubt figure high on their itineraries as well.
"This is the trip of a lifetime and we are extremely pleased that Drapers is giving us this opportunity,"  said Course Leader Wendy Sloane. "The chance to experience Paris Fashion Week first-hand cannot be under-estimated."
It's not just free money, however. The grant stipulates that students fund-raise roughly two-fifths of the costs themselves through innovative fashion-related ventures, such as holding a vintage clothing sale on campus, staging a fashion show and marketing their projects to raise funds, so they would appreciate the trip even more and learn more about marketing.
"The members thought this was an excellent incentive for them to work hard to achieve the goal," said British fashion entrepreneur Barry Laden, who is a member of the Textile Working Group. 
Said second-year Beauty Marketing and Journalism student Charlotte Hart: "This is an amazing opportunity to go to Paris with London Met, literally amazing. I am so grateful!"
Watch this space!
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