Dimensions of Wellbeing

Cass lecturer to deliver paper at University of Glasgow Conference.

Date: 5 April 2019

Dr Jane Clossick has been invited to present a paper with her research partner Dr Ben Colburn (Department of Philosophy, Glasgow University) entitled Wellbeing, autonomy and depth structure. They will present the paper at a multidisciplinary conference Dimensions of Wellbeing held at The University of Glasgow on the 8th April 2019. The paper abstract is below, and it forms part of an ongoing research project between Dr Clossick and Dr Colburn in which they consider the relationship between the autonomy and urban space.


Depth is social life made concrete in space: a structure of implicit boundaries denoting changes in decorum, norms and behaviour expected of actors entering and exiting the zones they demarcate. We argue that a well-designed and rich depth structure promotes well-being in a number of ways. First, it allows multiple actors to occupy the same space harmoniously, by subtly guiding individuals to zones whose characteristic norms match their intended activities at a given time. Second, it promotes individual autonomy, which is a key component of the flourishing life. Where the depth structure is explicit, i.e. easy for the majority of people to interpret, people’s range of choices are clear to them, and they can shape their occupancy of a space to match their values unmediated by hierarchical organisation.

Dr Jane Clossick is a lecturer in Urban Design at London Met. Previously trained as an architect at The University of Sheffield and the University of East London, she worked at practices in London and Manchester before commencing for her doctoral studies in 2010 at The Cass, London Metropolitan University.

Dimensions of Well-being

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Date 8 April 2019
Location Department of Philosophy, University of Glasgow
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