3. Excellent Learning Environment

Students can access appropriate resources, technologies and the spaces they need at the right time for them.

We believe that our virtual and physical learning spaces should support a range of activities, online and offline, collaborative and individual, whilst also motivating and inspiring our diverse student community and being adaptable to changing needs and a dynamic environment.

High quality and inclusive virtual and physical learning environments are key to ensuring our diverse students with diverse learning needs and styles are able to access the study resources and community they need to succeed.

At London Met this means:

  • Maximum use of relevant tools, technologies and software ensures students can practise and consolidate their skills and knowledge.
  • Critical use of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality in the curriculum helps prepare students for the world of work.
  • Inclusive module and course templates and pages ensures all students have access to high quality virtual learning experiences.
  • Physical and virtual learning and social spaces enables learning and collaboration for commuter, international and mature students in particular.
  • All our spaces meet the LMU standards for high quality and inclusive learning and teaching.

"The tutors have really taken the time to understand what my project was about, and the advice and guidance has been very useful and helped me progress with my work. The studio space has been great, I’ve had plenty of room to work and it has been a pleasant and creative environment." 
Student quote

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