1. Student Support

We want our students to feel welcome and connected to the University and its communities from the moment they enrol.

Many students tell us that their London Met experience is a transformative period of their lives.

We know that for some of our students life is challenging and so the support that we offer students along this journey can play a big role in helping them maximise the value of their university experience. Whilst we are proud of the support we offer our students we want to do better and that is why we are striving to provide our students with excellent hybrid and personalised student support.

At London Met this means:

  • Sequenced support from application to alumni, provides our diverse students with the right support and communication at the right time.
  • Student achievement monitoring and activities promotes success and intervention at the earliest point.
  • An Academic Skills system tailored to subject requirements and different student groups to augment learning and build confidence.

Our students are the fabric of our University. We are committed to improving every aspect of their university experience and we will work together to ensure our whole institution is built for student success, especially for those who are already facing barriers. Source: University Strategy.

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  1. Student Support
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