Student Governor

Tammika Chambers joined the Board of Governors as a Student Governor in January 2023 and is the Vice President for Education at the Students' Union. Tammika serves as a member of the People, Finance and Resources Committee and is a member of the Academic Board.

Tammika's primary responsibility is to represent and support the student body, ensuring their voices are heard. She believes in inclusive decision-making processes that involve students when making choices that impact their academic experience at London Metropolitan University. Collaborating with elected officials and staff, her goal is to ensure that all students at London Met receive high-quality teaching and learning opportunities.

Tammika identifies as a Black British Caribbean woman, born and raised in London, England. She has three children and comes from a heritage that traces back to Jamaica, Saint Lucia and Guyana. From a young age, Tammika has had a passion for music and the performing arts, particularly singing. She also enjoys reading and watching documentaries as a means of expanding her cultural knowledge and connecting with new individuals.

Her previous professional experience includes working as a Learning Support Assistant for children with impairments and special needs, as well as serving as a full-time Teaching Assistant. Motivated to deepen her understanding of education, Tammika pursued a Bachelor of Arts in Education with Honours from the School of Social Sciences. During her time as a student at London Met, she actively participated as a Student Rep, further enhancing her confidence in engaging with professional staff members.

As an advocate for students and continuous improvements, Tammika possesses a profound comprehension of how the institution operates. This understanding has greatly influenced her decision to take on the role of Education Officer this year, and she eagerly anticipates the collaborative achievements that can be made together.

Portrait of Tammika Chambers