The Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is the University’s governing body. The Board is the supreme authority within the University, responsible under the University’s Articles of Association for “determining the educational character and mission of the University, for stewardship of its resources and for oversight of its activities”. The Board is also responsible for the University’s compliance with the Office for Students and their regulatory framework for higher education in England

The Board has approved a Statement of Primary Responsibilities setting out its key responsibilities:

The Board comprises no fewer than 11 and no more than 19 governors. Governors have the legal status of company directors and are also trustees for the purposes of charity law. See members of the Board and co-opted members for further information about individual governors and committee members.

The Board has delegated authority to a number of subcommittees of the Board of Governors. The dates of meetings of the Board and its sub-committees are provided in the calendar of meetings.

Minutes of meetings of the Board shall be published by the Secretary three months following approval, subject to redactions to remove information that is exempt from release under the Freedom of Information Act. 

The University publishes a register of the interests for the Board of Governors and co-opted committee members and Senior Executives Register of Interests.  Both registers are maintained throughout the year and published annually.

Board of Governors – expressions of interest

Students' Union Code of Practice