Awesome Olasope

Awesome joined the Board of Governors as Student Governor in June 2023. Awesome serves as the Students' Union President. He currently serves on the Governance Committee and Audit and Risk Committee.

Awesome Olasope is a Nigerian entrepreneur, social activist and advocate for community development and human rights. Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, he attended Ekiti State University, where he earned a degree in Political Science. With a master's degree in Data Analytics from London Metropolitan University, he has a strong educational background.

Throughout his journey, Awesome has actively volunteered with organisations like the British Heart Foundation, Delightsome Oaks Orphanage, and the Vicolas Group. During his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program, he served as the President of the Editorial Group, supporting secondary school students by providing materials and organising educational events.

Passionate about social justice and equality, Awesome has worked with various radio stations, raising awareness on important issues such as feminism, human rights, domestic abuse, equality and diversity. His advocacy work has earned him recognition, including the Social Merit Award for Excellence and the Young Achievers Award for Excellence in Community Service.

As an accomplished entrepreneur and consultant, Awesome founded Awesome Farms after completing his bachelor's degree. He later ventured into consulting and introduced the "BSOT" program at Ahava Consulting, aimed at assisting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Nigeria.

With his contributions to the agricultural sector, Awesome has created employment opportunities for local farmers and improved agricultural productivity in Nigeria.

Overall, Awesome Olasope's dedication to community development, human rights advocacy, entrepreneurship and consulting has earned him multiple awards and recognition. He continues to inspire and empower others to drive positive change in their communities.

Awesome using his laptop