Subcommittees of the Board

The Board of Governors has delegated authority to a number of committees which report to the Board. These include the University’s Academic Board, a committee which the University’s Articles of Association require the Board of Governors to establish.

The terms of reference (ToR) and membership of the Board’s subcommittees are given below:

The sub-committees of the Academic Board are below:

Details of the secretaries to each of the Committees can be found in the Terms of References. 

You can also download the Subcommittees of the Board of Governors structure.

Subcommittees of the Board of Governors structure

Subcommittees reporting to the Board of Governors:

Audit Committee
Chair: Shefaly Yogendra

Finance and Resources Committee
Chair: Tim Cochrane

Remuneration Committee
Chair: Rolande Anderson

Governance Committee
Chair: Margaret Farragher


Subcommittees reporting to the Academic Board (including their respective subcommittees):

Learning, Teaching and Quality Committee
Chair: Pro Vice Chancellor, Learning and Teaching

  • Student Experience Subcommittee
  • Collaborative Taught Provision Committee

School Progression and Assessment Boards
Chair: Heads of Schools

  • Auditing of Taught Awards Subcommittee
  • Research Degrees Subcommittee

Research and Knowledge Exchange Comittee
Chair: Pro Vice Chancellor, Research and Knowledge Exchange

  • Research Degrees Subcommittee
  • Research Ethics Subcommittee

Academic Portfolio Committee
Chair: Deputy Vice Chancellor

Subcommittees reporting to the Senior Leadership Team:

Data Quality Management Group
Chair: COO

Risk Champions Working Group
Chair: COO

Health and Safety Committee
Chair: Pro Vice Chancellor, Student Recruitment and Business Development