Subcommittees of the Board

The Board of Governors has delegated authority to a number of committees which report to the Board. These include the University’s Academic Board, a committee which the University’s Articles of Association require the Board of Governors to establish.

The terms of reference (ToR) and membership of the Board’s subcommittees are given below:

The sub-committees of the Academic Board are below:

Details of the secretaries to each of the Committees can be found in the Terms of References. 

Annual Reports of the Audit and Risk Committee


You can also download a Board and Committee Structure diagram detailed below.

Subcommittees of the Board of Governors structure

Sub-committees reporting to the Board of Governors:

Audit and Risk Committee
Chair: Shefaly Yogendra

Finance and Resources Committee
Chair: Tim Cochrane

People and Remuneration Committee
Chair: Rolande Anderson

Governance Committee
Chair: Margaret Farragher


Subcommittees reporting to the Academic Board (including their respective subcommittees):

Learning, Teaching and Quality Committee
Chair: Pro Vice Chancellor, Learning and Teaching

  • Student Experience Subcommittee
  • Collaborative Taught Provision Committee

School Progression and Assessment Boards
Chair: Heads of Schools

Research and Knowledge Exchange Comittee
Chair: Pro Vice Chancellor, Research and Knowledge Exchange

  • Research Degrees Subcommittee
  • Research Ethics Subcommittee

Academic Portfolio Committee
Chair: Deputy Vice Chancellor

Subcommittees reporting to the Senior Leadership Team:

Data Quality Management Group
Chair: COO

Risk Champions Working Group
Chair: COO

Health and Safety Committee
Chair: Pro Vice Chancellor, Student Recruitment and Business Development