Applying after the January UCAS deadline – explained

It’s after the January UCAS deadline and you really want to go to university in September. What do you do?

Well, there are several options depending on your situation. Inga is a Media and Communications BSc student at London Met. When she applied to the University three years ago it was after the January deadline.

Here she answers some of the most asked questions posed by applicants at this time of year and guides you through the steps you can take if you find yourself in the same situation. 

Will applying late be stressful?

Inga says: When I was applying, I was nervous but once I received an answer from London Met to say I’d been accepted, I contacted them with all of the questions I had and they were so helpful. I managed to pass my English test on time, apply for student finance and my university was there for me with every step.

Will applying late affect my university experience?

Inga says: Applying late or applying through UCAS Extra doesn’t change your university experience. For me, making the decision to go to university was spontaneous and I was so grateful that I still had the opportunity to apply. London Met organised induction days and I really advise everyone to go to them. I met graduates and other students from my course, which made me less nervous. The induction day not only gave me the opportunity to meet new people, but also gave me the confidence to open up and it made me realise that a lot of students apply late and there is no shame in that. This was the best decision I have ever made and London Metropolitan University is the best university for me.        

How do I apply for a course now that I’ve missed the January UCAS deadline?

Inga says: How you apply depends on what situation you’re in. Have a look at the scenarios below and select the one that’s relevant to you.

1. I’ve used all five of my choices in UCAS and haven’t received any offers… 

Inga says: Don’t worry, there are still places on lots of courses. If you’ve used all five of your choices in UCAS and haven’t received any offers, UCAS Extra is for you.

UCAS Extra is specifically designed for those who have already applied through UCAS but were declined from all five of their chosen universities. It gives you another chance to re-think your choices and apply for new universities and courses. 

Find out more about UCAS Extra and apply to London Met today.

2. I’ve received offers from some or all of my five choices in UCAS but I’ve changed my mind about what or where I want to study…

Inga says: Using UCAS Extra is an amazing opportunity if you decide you’d like to apply for a different course (for example, you originally applied for mathematics but you now want to study media). If you want to switch course or university you can decline all five of your original offers in UCAS Track, which will then mean that you will be eligible for UCAS Extra where you can apply for a new course of your choosing. 

3. I haven’t applied to university at all yet…

Inga says: If you haven’t applied through UCAS at all yet, you don’t even need UCAS Extra – you can simply apply through UCAS just like everyone else who did so before the January deadline.

I still have questions…

Inga says: If you have a question about applying to London Met, don’t hesitate to get in touch with London Met’s enquiries team who will be able to help you with any queries. They helped me every step of the way!

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"This was the best decision I have ever made and London Metropolitan University is the best university for me."
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