Photography equipment and facilities


Digital cameras: 

  • Hasselblad H6ds with 50c digital back and Hasselblad H6d lens 80mm
  • Canon EOS 5Ds
  • Canon 800Ds
  • Canon 700Ds 

Analogue cameras:

  • 35mm, medium and large format 


  • a range of Prime lenses, tripods and carry bags

Black-and-white darkrooms

Enlarger types:

  • Dunco model II-67VC
  • Meopta Magnifax
  • Devere 504s
  • processing equipment: Print processing system ILFORD 2150 RC x 2

Colour darkrooms

Enlarger types:

  • De Vere 203 
  • De Vere 504
  • De Vere 5108 
  • processing equipment: Colenta Studioline processor -80RA50, (4 tank system)

Advanced darkroom

Enlarger types:

  • Ilfospeed multigrade 500
  • De Vere 504 
  • Varicon
  • Cathomag
  • De Vere 5108
  • horizontal large print enlarger Durst 1000

Lighting studio

  • Profoto A1 on camera flash units
  • Profoto D2 lighting systems with a range of softboxes, umbrellas and reflectors
  • Profoto Air Remotes
  • Lastolite Skylites

Daylight studio

  • Profoto A1 on camera flash units
  • Profoto Air Remotes
  • Flash head (Bowens Gemini Pro-750) x 6
  • Super coolite x 2
  • Red heads x 4
  • Interfit Super5 x 2
  • Bowens SL 455 x 4
  • Lighting Kit Bowens Flash head x 3
  • Quadx3000 serial TC0125 
  • Bowens Duo 1200 BW 7590

Location lighting

  • Profoto B1x 500 Air TTL Location Kits
  • Rotolight AEOS LED Light Kits
  • Elinchrom TTL Location Kit

Digital print facilities

  • Scanner (Imacon-Flextight 646)
  • Flatbed scanner (Epson V850-Photoscanner)
  • Epson Stylus SC-P800 printers
  • Epson Stylus 2100 printer
  • 4K iMacs
  • Eizo grading screens


  • Capture 1 Pro 
  • Phocus
  • Adobe Creative Cloud

You'll be required to complete the photography health and safety induction.

Photography studio


Basement darkrooms and digital print facilities CMB-34 to CMB-43
Lighting studio room CMB-49 
Daylight studio room CM2-06


Lisa Rigolli, Naomi Groves and Sebastian Edge

Open access

For open access times please refer to the weekly Workshop and Staffing schedule. The schedule is available to view or save from the Downloads section. Printed copies are available in the Photography area in Calcutta house at the Old Castle Street reception desk.

Alternatively, speak to Lisa, Naomi or Sebastian.

Basic entry requirements: Photography Health and Safety induction.


 Processing Room


 Finishing Room
A student preparing work for exhibition