Our rapid prototyping facilities

3D printing – rapid prototyping

Our Z-Corp three-dimensional printers build objects using a plaster-like material bonded with a specialist bonding agent. The parts are infiltrated with Epsom salts, wax or an epoxy resin to increase their strength. 3D Printing is ideal for producing 3D models, moulds or masters.

SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) - rapid prototyping

The EOS P385 system is suitable for producing more durable and intricate models. The machine builds with a polyamide powder which is melted layer by layer to create fully functional parts from white PA2200 Nylon. The powder-based system requires no additional support structure making SLS the ideal method for producing intricate models and moving components. The referred build envelope is 300mm x 300mm x 640mm.

Perfactory three-dimensional printing rapid prototyping

The Envisiontec Perfactory uses a photo-polymer resin cured with a light. It has a small build volume but a very high resolution making it ideal for applications where ultra fine detail is required such as jewellery design and micro manufacturing.


Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF).

3D scanning

3D scanning captures an object’s 3D physical form and converts it into digital data. The data can then be measured, analysed and manipulated virtually within a 3D computer software programme. This technology is often used by craft practitioners and sculptors, as hand built work and found objects can be captured ready for manipulation on a computer.

Sound Monsters, audio teaching aids for story-telling and writing, by Sofia Oberg.

Sound Monsters, pictured above, are audio teaching aids for storytelling and writing in primary school Key Stage 1. Visit designer Sofia Oberg's website for more of her illustration, furniture and product design work.


Calcutta House CMB-21, CMB-21a and CMB-21b.


Anatol Just.

Open access

For open access times please refer to the weekly CASSWORKS Workshop and Staffing schedule. The schedule is available to view or save from the Downloads section. Printed copies are on the workshop door and at the Old Castle Street reception desk.


PDF guide

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