Pricing and booking

Your appointment will either be with a qualified sports therapist or a sports therapist student, and each appointment will be a maximum of one hour. Hourly appointment costs are stated below. Payment can either be made at the time of booking or can be taken at your appointment.

Clinic opening times

 Private clinicStudent clinic
Monday 10am to 5pm -
Tuesday - 10am to 5pm
Wednesday 10am to 5pm 10am to 7pm
Thursday - 10am to 5pm
Friday 10am to 5pm -
Saturday Closed Closed
Sunday Closed Closed


Pricing for injury diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation

Appointments are up to an hour long and will include examination and assessment of injuries, followed by hands-on treatments and rehabilitation exercises.

 Private clinicStudent clinic
London Met students £40 Free
London Met staff £45 £30
Private patients £50 £30

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Pricing for our other services
 Private clinic
Massage (Sport, deep tissue, soft tissue or Swedish massage) £50 
Athlete testing Please enquire for prices
VO2 max Please enquire for prices
Lactate threshold Please enquire for prices
Biomechanical analysis Please enquire for prices
Hypoxia and hyperoxia training Please enquire for prices
Heat Chamber Please enquire for prices

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Pricing for screening and strength conditioning testing for individuals and teams
 Number of participantsPrice
Screening (one session) One £60
Screening (three sessions) One £150
Screening (for teams) Please enquire Please enquire
Strength and conditioning testing (one session) One £60
Strength and conditioning testing (three sessions) One £150
Strength and conditioning testing (for teams) Please enquire  

Screening assessment

Initial screening will take between one-and-a-half and two hours, where we will look for predisposing factors that could cause injury and negatively impact your or your team's performance. A report will be made based upon the screening results, consisting of a tailored plan of action helping you to target identified areas. 

The three screening sessions can be scheduled to fit sporting seasons or adaptation timelines which will be discussed upon booking.

Strength and conditioning assessment

This testing aims to help athletes improve on specific performance goals by measuring power, strength, speed, agility, quickness, flexibility and endurance. These tests will be sport-specific so we will choose tests that are most specific to improving your performance in a particular sport.

Once we've finished the strength and conditioning assessment, your results will be discussed and a copy of the results will be available for you.

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