Studio 3D 01: London Plain

Studio brief

London is far from plain. What makes something special?

What makes something different and more desirable than something else?

This year we will apply our thinking to simple considerations that make designs economical, and life in general, better. Can a simple choice elevate a humble object to a level we might consider luxurious? What is luxury in the broadest sense? If you are lost in a jungle, what is a luxury? At sea for a year? On a long shift at work? In a library? Small changes in our experience of the world around us can mean a lot; make a bad situation good, a bad object better.

We will encourage all of our students to experience every aspect of design creativity, ranging from hands-on traditional workshop skills, into experimental making techniques, into abstract thought processes, into consideration of how to present your ideas to the world and ultimately how to make your creativity work for you. A thoughtful approach to economical choices will be encouraged from your everyday studio activity to your time in the workshops using a range of materials and processes.

We will be engaging with a number of external companies and clients to offer you insights and experience of the demands and expectations of real-world work. They will be engaging with us because they are ready to be surprised and challenged by what the fresh thinking of students can bring to their businesses, not because they hope you will offer them what they already know and can do. The challenge for you is both to develop a personal vision and to be able to persuade others of its value.

These are all important parts of your skills as a designer and you should embrace them all.

Tree bark


Course Furniture & Product Design BA (Hons)
Design Studio Practice BA (Hons)
Furniture FdA
Tutors Cathy Stack
Peter Marigold
Will Smith
Where Calcutta House
Studio 1, first floor CM1-17
When Tuesday and Friday

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